“How to Promote the Value of Online Training Within Your Organization

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The worldwide economic recession has prompted companies everywhere to scour their business practices for opportunities to increase efficiency and cut costs. That includes how they train their employees and customers. Fortunately, when it comes to training, the pathway to meeting both objectives is clear. Companies of all sizes are discovering the benefits of Web-based training. Today’s dizzying array of computer-based technologies has radically enhanced the ability of companies to “connect” with their employees and customers. Among the most profound of these is the ability to conduct live training and meeting sessions via the computer to widely distributed audiences. Businesses are experiencing dramatic savings by avoiding expensive travel and lodging required for in-person training, while also improving performance and morale. Web-based training applications provide an online environment that combines interactive virtual classroom learning, meeting and Web seminar capabilities to enable eLearning and collaborative Web conferencing throughout the world. They are designed to meet the needs of businesses clamoring for convenient, secure and cost-effective alternatives to in-person gatherings. Another driver for businesses is the increased emphasis on “informal” learning, which comprises most of the corporate knowledge transfer within many organizations. Collaboration using Web-conferencing technology can be used to encourage and facilitate informal learning activities.
An obvious opportunity for cost savings within any company is the training function, typically a tradition-bound operation scattered throughout an enterprise. Its reliance on instructor-led training results in time-consuming classes that require expensive travel, lodging and lost productivity to meet proficiency training, compliance and other obligations. Does this sound like your organization? In many cases, on-site instruction can be successfully conducted in virtual settings via Web conferencing tools. Yet despite these obvious advantages, many companies still cling to the status quo. That invariably means strong resistance from tradition-bound managers who are reluctant to try new technologies and who remain skeptical of today’s “blended learning” solutions. Ironically, this resistance often comes from the very executives who are seeking to reduce their company’s reliance on fixed resources such as real estate used for meetings and classrooms. The goal of this white paper is to help professionals overcome that resistance so their organizations can enjoy the many benefits offered by online training and conferencing technologies. It will help to present a clear and convincing case for online training to colleagues and superiors who need to know more about their advantages. The paper will thoroughly explore today’s modern learning landscape and how it is viewed by cutting-edge organizations. It will offer enlightening case studies that illustrate precisely how individual companies are utilizing Web-based training and meeting applications. Download the full white paper


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