I’m too busy to learn…

e-learning professionals and trainers love to learn but lack the time to quickly find and read (let alone remember) those great snippets of information that you know are out there just waiting to be used. If you are one of these individuals here are a few tips and techniques to stay on top of your industry and do so in a timely and efficient manner.

First, setup a web reader/rss feed:
Sounds extremely boring but it is a fast and easy way to gather articles and blogs from all over the web right to your computer desktop. Yahoo users automatically have this option and Google fans can setup their own readers easily at www.google.com/ig (You will need a gmail account….)

Next take the plunge and setup a Twitter account. I know the last thing you want is to be constantly “tweeted” about someone’s daily life. However, subject-matter-experts and consultants are constantly posting great ideas and information with links. Currently I “follow” 40 individuals and companies in the field of e-learning. Each day I receive tweets from 10-15 different e-learning professionals about great resources or sites they have found to assist anyone with designing and presenting e-learning.  a great person to follow is Nick Floro  of sealworks.com  (#nickfloro)  and Tom Kuhlman of the Rapid E-Learning Blog (#tomkuhlman) . Both are outstanding e-learning professional and multimedia designers.

Finally use your FACEBOOK account for more than social networking. Today many companies and trainers have sites that you can become a fan of and, similar to Twitter, receive daily bits and pieces of great ideas and links to sites.  Try “friending” the  e-learning guild to get started.

With all three methods you get to control when and how you view the information. Watch out it can be addictive….


About fhtcbic

This blog is dedicated to our clients, instructors and fans of lifelong learning at the Business & Industry Training Center. The B&I Training Center, as part of the division of community education, provides customized training, online learning, professional continuing education.
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