Around the Web 10 JAN 2011

Here are a few items you might find interesting for your next class or training event we found “around the web.”

“Kids Teaching Kids” math train tv

Students at Lincoln Middle school are creating tutorial videos that are fun and entertaining about Math.  The videos are created with freeware JING and with Camtasia Studio.  To view some of their work view a few tutorials at website.

Flip for Class

Are you finding the traditional classroom lecture followed by online content at home not working?  Try flipping the process.

Educators, myself included are inverting their classes.  By inverting we mean combining the regular classroom lectures and the online content into a comprehensive  videos that students watch BEFORE class.  At the next in-class session, students begin the engagement and interaction process.  This especially works well with larger classes and classes with need for 508/ADA compliance (adding captions, etc.).  The videos allow students to search the content and review the content at their own speed and as often as they wish prior to attending the face-to-face class.  To get started in developing your tutorial videos tryout freeware JING or a similar program.

3 Creative Examples for Using Lesson Plans in Your E-learning Courses
from multimediaLearning

If you are not subscribed to the blog please do.  It is a great resource for online educators and trainers.  Here is a reprint of the intro.  Check out the rest at their website

Many e-learning designers are understandably focused on creating more engaging courses these days. In fact, “How can I build better e-learning?” is one of the most popular questions we hear in the community.

The good news is there are many ways to design more interactivity and engagement in your courses. But sometimes, the best way to make a course better, is to take the learning out of the course.

This week’s examples highlight some creative e-learning projects based on attachments and teacher guides. The courses alone are excellent e-learning examples. But they’re even better with the supporting resources and activities.

That’s all for this week.  We’ll keep checking the net to find more great tips for your course and training development.


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