Training – Continuing Education – Instructional Design

The FHTC Business & Industry Training Center is a flexible division of the college designed to provide our constituents “just-in time-learning and training.” Unlike traditional classes, B&I classes are either customized by the client or provided in a flexible format designed to ensure you learn exactly what you need and request. In fact this BLOG is one of many tools we use to get your comments on what we need to offer at FHTC. Here are a few more details about the FHTC B&I Training Center.

Customized Training
Organizations and Business regularly call on FHTC to develop, train, and evaluate programs of study over specific skills at the job-site or at FHTC. Training is not limited to the programs offered at FHTC.  Common training provided ranges from industrial operations, computer skills, culinary arts, and graphic design or more specialized skills such as OSHA certifications, Lean Management/Quality Assurance and Supervisor/HR training. You call us with the training need, we will do everything we can to find a solution.

Instructional Development Center:

The IDC, a division of the B&I Training Center, provides  instructional development support to our faculty and to our community clients. E-learning is becoming an important part of industry and organizational training.  We have trained professionals who will assist you with or help you design e-learning and blended learning products for your students and your employees.

Community Connections: Personal and Professional Development — Non-credit
If you are already a part of the workforce you understand that your training never ends. FHTC’s Community Connections program develops and offers courses both on-campus and online to quickly train you in specific skills or provide personal growth  at a time that works for those who are employed or just living very busy lives.. Personal and professional development classes focus not on grades & degrees but on mastery over skills you will need at work or at home.

New Program Development
Finally the B&I Training Center is the incubator for new program development at FHTC. As the workforce changes so too do the needs for training by employers and employees. FHTC will continue to bring new and relevant courses, certifications and programs to our clients.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for considering the FHTC Business & Industry Training Center.


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