Did you know series

Always interesting, always thought provoking, the Dr. Howie DiBlasi “Did You Know” series takes a hard look at education, technology, and the future employment of our students.  Take a moment to view his presentation  “Did you know 6.0”  which can be found at teachertube.com or youtube.com or, if you have a free account at teachertube.com use the link here:  www.teachertube.com

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Around the Web 10 JAN 2011

Here are a few items you might find interesting for your next class or training event we found “around the web.”

“Kids Teaching Kids” math train tv

Students at Lincoln Middle school are creating tutorial videos that are fun and entertaining about Math.  The videos are created with freeware JING and with Camtasia Studio.  To view some of their work view a few tutorials at mathtrain.tv website.

Flip for Class

Are you finding the traditional classroom lecture followed by online content at home not working?  Try flipping the process.

Educators, myself included are inverting their classes.  By inverting we mean combining the regular classroom lectures and the online content into a comprehensive  videos that students watch BEFORE class.  At the next in-class session, students begin the engagement and interaction process.  This especially works well with larger classes and classes with need for 508/ADA compliance (adding captions, etc.).  The videos allow students to search the content and review the content at their own speed and as often as they wish prior to attending the face-to-face class.  To get started in developing your tutorial videos tryout freeware JING or a similar program.

3 Creative Examples for Using Lesson Plans in Your E-learning Courses
from multimediaLearning

If you are not subscribed to the blog please do.  It is a great resource for online educators and trainers.  Here is a reprint of the intro.  Check out the rest at their website


Many e-learning designers are understandably focused on creating more engaging courses these days. In fact, “How can I build better e-learning?” is one of the most popular questions we hear in the community.

The good news is there are many ways to design more interactivity and engagement in your courses. But sometimes, the best way to make a course better, is to take the learning out of the course.

This week’s examples highlight some creative e-learning projects based on attachments and teacher guides. The courses alone are excellent e-learning examples. But they’re even better with the supporting resources and activities.

That’s all for this week.  We’ll keep checking the net to find more great tips for your course and training development.

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I’m too busy to learn…

e-learning professionals and trainers love to learn but lack the time to quickly find and read (let alone remember) those great snippets of information that you know are out there just waiting to be used. If you are one of these individuals here are a few tips and techniques to stay on top of your industry and do so in a timely and efficient manner.

First, setup a web reader/rss feed:
Sounds extremely boring but it is a fast and easy way to gather articles and blogs from all over the web right to your computer desktop. Yahoo users automatically have this option and Google fans can setup their own readers easily at www.google.com/ig (You will need a gmail account….)

Next take the plunge and setup a Twitter account. I know the last thing you want is to be constantly “tweeted” about someone’s daily life. However, subject-matter-experts and consultants are constantly posting great ideas and information with links. Currently I “follow” 40 individuals and companies in the field of e-learning. Each day I receive tweets from 10-15 different e-learning professionals about great resources or sites they have found to assist anyone with designing and presenting e-learning.  a great person to follow is Nick Floro  of sealworks.com  (#nickfloro)  and Tom Kuhlman of the Rapid E-Learning Blog (#tomkuhlman) . Both are outstanding e-learning professional and multimedia designers.

Finally use your FACEBOOK account for more than social networking. Today many companies and trainers have sites that you can become a fan of and, similar to Twitter, receive daily bits and pieces of great ideas and links to sites.  Try “friending” the  e-learning guild to get started.

With all three methods you get to control when and how you view the information. Watch out it can be addictive….

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How to script, record, & edit tutorial videos with Camtasia & Audacity

At FHTC we use freeware Audicity for audio recording and Camtasia Studio for scripting and developing tutorials as part of our instructional technology.

If you are new to these products check out this tutorial video that will give you an example of the workflow process to develop your first comptuer based tutorial.

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Staying on track without getting run over…

The speed and pace of instructional technology can be overwhelming.  Everyone has at one time or another been so caught up in the technology that the instructional design and learning is forced to the back burner as we strive to use the tools our clients and students are expecting.

Thankfully, there are a few organizations that instructors and trainers at FHTC should check out to stay on top of their technology “game.”  Listed here are several organization that our faculty and staff have found useful for e-learning and training.

AECT is a research and design focused community for instructional designers and educators. Here is a description they provide from the website:

What is AECT?

The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) is a professional association of thousands of educators and others whose activities are directed toward improving instruction through technology. AECT members may be found in colleges and universities; in the Armed Forces and industry; in museums, libraries, and hospitals; in the many places where edu cational change is underway. AECT members carry out a wide range of responsibilities in the study, planning, application, and production of communications media for instruction.”

The Association has become a major organization for those actively involved in the designing of instruction and a systematic approach to learning. It provides an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of ideas for its members and for larger audiences; it is the national and international spokesperson for the improvement of instruction; and, it is the most recognized association of information concerning a wide range of instructional and educational technology. Along with over 2,000 members, we have 24 state and six international affiliates who are all passionate about finding better ways to help people learn. AECT is the oldest professional home for this field of interest and has continuously maintained a central position in the field, promoting high standards, both in scholarship and in practice. AECT has 10 divisions that represent the breadth and depth of the field. The association produces two bimonthly journals, Educational Technology Research and Development and TechTrends.

C2C/SIDLIT: as stated from their website,

“Colleague to Colleague (C2C), a chartered professional organization, is designed to facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between faculty and staff involved or interested in instructional technology, online instruction, and distance education. The organization’s primary focus is on staff development and collaboration between the community colleges, technical colleges, and universities in the Kansas and Missouri bi-state region.”

Sloan Consortium:   As posted recently by C2C,

“If you are not already a member, you may want to consider joining Sloan-C as either an individual or as an institution. From their web site: “The Sloan Consortium is an institutional and professional leadership organization dedicated to integrating online education into the mainstream of higher education.” Membership prices are very reasonable, and each year they sponsor a great conference in Florida that you can attend virtually for about $80. Conference sessions are video-archived for one year. For more information, see: http://sloanconsortium.org/

Elearning Guild:

“The eLearning Guild is the oldest and most trusted source of information, networking, and community for e-Learning Professionals. As a member-driven organization, the Guild produces conferences, online events, e-books, research reports, and Learning Solutions Magazine—all devoted to the idea that the people who know the most about making e-Learning successful, are the people who produce e-Learning every day in corporate, government, and academic settings. Our goal is to create a place where e-Learning professionals can share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build a better industry—and better learning experiences—for everyone.”

There are many other great resources and organizations available.  If you are a member of other organizations that you feel would be beneficial to our members, please send in your comments with the details.

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MACE is a good thing.

At least when it’s all about e-learning and instructional technology…

MACE Conference

Take a moment to explore the Mid-America Association for Computers in Education (MACE) Spring 2011 Conference.  This conference is dedicated to instructional technology for educators and is held annually in Manhattan, Kansas.

This is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for educators, and a great low-cost option for technical colleges and school districts to support technological staff development.

Here are the details:

Date: March 3 & 4, 2011
Exhibitor Display: Thursday, March 3 (one day only)
Location: Alumni Center, Kansas State University, Manhattan

Time: Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. & Friday 8:00 a.m. to Noon
Registration: Table opens at 7:00 a.m. on Thursday

Conference Fee:

  • $100 online registration on or before December 20, 2010
  • $150 online registration after December 20, 2010
  • $175 walk-up registration

See you there!

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B&I Training Center develops e-learning training for Emporia Main Street & WESTAR Energy

The B&I Training Center released and published today complete web-based training solutions for corporate client WESTAR Energy and for organizational client the Emporia Main Street group.

WESTAR Qualification ProgramThe WESTAR ENERGY project consisted of a 100% online, 10-module training program for potential employees.  Previously, all potential maintenance/mechanical trades employees were required to conduct qualification training on site at the WESTAR ENERGY JEFFREY ENERGY CENTER.  With the completion of this program, WESTAR will now be able to train and hire (at a reduced cost) trainees in the qualification program.

For Emporia Main Street,  the B&I Training Center team worked closely with etown Emporia Main Street "Imagine the Possibilities"solutions to develop web-based, easily accessible and a self-paced instructional course on how Historic Preservation Credits are used to revitilize and develop downtown and historic sections of communities in Kansas and across the country.

Training directors and HR professionals wishing to view these products can contact sharmon@fhtc.edu for your guest login and linking information.

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